NORTH Shropshire's MP has said the Old Oswestry Hillfort is "the wrong place" for housing after being given a tour of the site by campaigners.

Helen Morgan met up with campaign group Hands Off Old Oswestry Hillfort (HOOOH) at the important heritage site on Tuesday, May 3 to find out about the significance of the fort.

Residents spoke to Ms Morgan about their concerns over plans to build homes near to the site, after a new bid for 83 properties was rejected by Shropshire Council earlier this year.

Kate Clarke of HOOOH said: The planning application was for 83 houses, we are not sure what they are going to do next.

"The campaign is ready to get into action if another bid is made to build there.

"Residents were there to talk about their concerns over the planned housing application to the south-east of the Hillfort.

"It was actually refused by Shropshire planners but there is a fear that they will revise the documents submit it again or perhaps lodge an appeal over that decision."

Ms Morgan said she felt the site was important for tourism in Oswestry and felt it was the wrong place for development.

The Liberal Democrat MP said: "I have been joining the campaign here today to save Oswestry Hill Fort because the proposed development is quite close to the site.

"It is an absolutely wonderful site, I am so proud to represent the constituency that has this in.

"It is really important for tourism in Oswestry and while I recognise we need some housing, I think this is the wrong place to put it and we need to preserve really important assets

"It is a really beautiful site and I think we need to preserve that viewing and not let the town come any closer."

Ms Clarke added: "Helen wanted to find out about the residents concerns, really keen to find out about the heritage and the sort of wildlife interests of the Hillfort.

"She was quite interested to understand how it fits with promoting tourism which is a big thing for Shropshire's economy.

"This was a bit of a guided tour by the archaeologist Dr George Nash who was with us.

"He knows lots about the history right back from prehistoric times right up to the World Wars military history."