It was with some sadness that I read of the intention of Oswestry Cricket Club to install 8m high (that’s 26 ft) steel fencing along the Morda Road boundary of the cricket ground (Advertizer, March 30, 2022), to “protect cars and pedestrians”.

I wonder how many cars and pedestrians have actually been damaged by cricket balls? Another case of Health and Safety insanity?

However, my principal objection is that this will change the ambience of the ground from a welcoming and inclusive place to one that sends a “keep out” message.

At the moment, residents can just wander in from the street, sit on the grass or a bench, chat to others, and watch a bit of cricket; there’s nothing better on a warm summer’s day. I fear that this will all be lost with the new fence, and that the casual visitor will just not turn up.

As for teaching children cricket, the club already runs excellent sessions on Monday evenings that the children who attend really enjoy. Sadly, I’m afraid that when the new fence is installed, I shall no longer wish to take my grandchildren to what will seem more like a prison exercise yard than a cricket ground.

W. M. Symons,

via email.