OSWESTRY Town Council will grant thousands of pounds to help make a sporting venue in the town safer for passing traffic, in return for teaching children cricket.

Steve Adams, the newly-installed chairman of Oswestry Cricket Club, presented their case for council funding towards sections of a fence running alongside their Morda Road base, to prevent the ball hitting cars and pedestrians.

In his presentation, Mr Adams explained to councillors the club was seeking £8,000 to buy and install 50 metres of wire net fencing to make the ground safer for people and provide longer-term secutiry for the club.

In their application form, Oswestry CC said: " We have been present at Morda Road for around 70 years.

"We find ourselves in a position where we need to put nets around our boundary, protecting cars and pedestrians in Morda Road.

"We have fulfilled an obligation of protecting one neighbour's area.

"We are a community club – from April we have games and training every day incorporating juniors/seniors cricket and rounders."

The club also stated the fencing would be put up in 25m wide by eight metre high sections, costing £4,000 and its funding bid was to pay for two sections in the middle of the boundary.

The club would pay for the rest.

Oswestry mayor, Councillor Mark Jones, told the meeting that he supported the application as he feared closure if a ball were to strike a vehicle.

He added: "It would stop the risk of the club being closed as it is doing a lot of good work including working with veterans."

However some councillors had reservations over the club's application, with a number raising issues over its accounts and that no other fundraising is being undertaken.

Cllr Olly Rose said: "It’s a large amount of money and I was disappointed to see what other fundraising they’re doing for it.

"They do charge for the rooms too so I would like for them to do some community taster events in return."


Cllrs Frank Davis and Les Maguire agreed that the club's perceived lack of fundraising or willingness to use its own money for the whole project was 'disappointing' but both voted to support it.

Cllr Jay Moore also agreed with the club providing access to cricket for young people but suggested it was held at Morda Road instead of schools.

The grant was formally accepted at £6,000 with the caveat of a minimum of 20 taster sessions to be confirmed at a later date.

Meanwhile, a grant of £100 was awarded to Equality Oswestry Group.