A HOLIDAYMAKER visiting Shropshire died after falling from a boat into a marina near Ellesmere, an inquest has heard.

William John Lambert, who was visiting from Basildon in Essex, died on September 24, 2021, while he was on holiday in North Shropshire visiting Blackwater Meadow Marina in Ellesmere with his wife.

But at about 5.10pm on the Friday, the 83-year-old fell off his canal boat after missing his footing.

Staff immediately went to the scene and dragged him onto dry land and performed CPR on him, but he remained unconscious.

Blackwater Meadow Marina staff also contacted the emergency services and the paramedics performed CPR on Mr Lambert as soon as they arrived, but were unable to prevent him from dying.

The inquest heard that he had not died by drowning, but because of the other effects of having entered the water.

In a statement read out by senior coroner for Shropshire, Mr John Ellery, a staff member at the scene said: “I heard a splash and I saw Mr Lambert underwater in an extremely panicked state.”

The staff member managed to get Mr Lambert onto dry land.

“I managed to explain he needed to walk up the slip way," the staff member said.

“He was struggling to breathe. I tried to walk him up the slipway, but he became unresponsive.

“I had to drag him up and I called for help.

“I placed him into a recovery position, but 15 minutes elapsed.

“We called 999 and continued to do CPR until the ambulance arrived."

Police also arrived at the scene and concluded there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding Mr Lambert’s death.

The incident was caught on CCTV and Mr Ellery said what he saw on the footage matched what he had read in the witness testimony.

Mr Ellery said: “Mr Lambert missed his footing and was submerged.

“When he was removed from the water, he was alive.

“I have no doubt him entering the water led to coldness and acute ventricular failure.

“The cause of death is amended.”

He also said heart disease and emphysema had played a contributory role in his death, with coldness from entering the water being a significant factor.

Mr Ellery added: “Drawing to conclusion, I conclude Mr Lambert’s death was accidental.”

Mr Lambert was born in Limehouse, London and lived in Basildon, Essex. He spent his career working as a welder.