In recent weeks I have been observing a significant phenomenon in the car park at Aldi in Beatrice Street, Oswestry.

Drivers, presumably unable to walk properly or afflicted with painful joints, drive in to disabled spaces.

They then get out of their cars and find themselves able to stride purposefully to the store entrance.

One would expect them to dance with joy or fall to their knees in gratitude for their miraculous recovery, but they seem oddly reluctant to talk about their transformed lives.

If questioned they tend to mutter inaudibly and walk off even faster.

This is a pity, because if these people could be persuaded to testify to the miraculous healing properties of the car park the town council would be justified in proclaiming Oswestry as the Lourdes of England.

It would bring in money and have the additional benefit of annoying the French.

Lawrence Garner,

via email.