RESIDENTS' rush to order a new recycling bin caused Shropshire Council's webpage to crash yesterday (Thursday).

More than 7,000 people requested a new bin in just four hours after the link was made live.

But the frenzy led to issues for some who found the site failed to work.

Gareth Profitt, from Shropshire Council, said: "There has been huge demand for the new recycling bin since the website went live at 12.30pm today (Thursday), with more than 7,200 orders placed in the first four hours.

"This high demand has meant that some people have been receiving error messages when trying to order a bin and we ask anyone experiencing such issues to try again at a later time."

The link went live within minutes of Shropshire councillors signing off on the investment which will cost almost £3 million.

Advertizer readers were among those up struggled to reserve one.

Kay Kynaston said: "I've tried and failed! The link isn't working, if it does spring into life, I've now ordered about eight recycling bins!"

But there were many who were successful and welcomed the scheme.

Hayley Williams said: "My request has gone in. These will be so much better than carrying three recycling boxes to the road, and then the bin men having to lift them as well, hopefully less rubbish left behind too when it's windy."

The first bins are set to be delivered from May this year. They are free and are optional, and will replace the existing black recycling boxes.

If you have had trouble with the link, don't panic as there's plenty of time to request your bin.

Mr Profitt added: "People have until April 1 to order a bin so there is no rush and everyone who requests a bin will receive it later this year."

For those wanting to reserve one click here.