British stars of US sitcom Ted Lasso have expressed shock and delight at their “mind-blowing” nominations for Screen Actors Guild (SAG) awards.

Hannah Waddingham, Brett Goldstein and Juno Temple all received nods for their roles in the show alongside leading man, US actor Jason Sudeikis.

The heart warming series follows the journey of American football coach Lasso, who is hired to coach London-based soccer team AFC Richmond, without any experience.

Both Waddingham and Temple received nominations for best female actor in a comedy series and Goldstein and Sudeikis will go head to head for best male actor in a comedy series.

The show was also nominated for best ensemble in a comedy series.

In an excited post online Goldstein noted the high calibre of his fellow nominees and thanked SAG for “putting me anywhere near these legends”.

“Holy fxxxing sxxt! It means the world to be recognized by my peers and SAG. I am so pleased to be nominated with my phenomenal cast,” he wrote.

“Juno (Temple) will tell you, sometimes I ruin takes by saying ‘Fxxxing hell, you’re so good’ instead of my actual line because I’m so in awe.

“Then, to be nominated in the same category with four all-time heroes…. Like serious Got-All-Their-Movies-And-Their-Posters type All-Time Heroes.

“Truly mind-blowing. Thank you SAG for putting me anywhere near these legends”.

Succession world premiere – BFI London Film Festival 2021
Waddingham described the nominations as ‘proper grownup shizzle’ and also gave a shout out to co-star Temple (Ian West/ PA)

He added: “Pray for them. Because if I get to meet them, I will drive them all insane. Jason can attest to this.”

Waddingham described the nominations as “proper grownup shizzle” and also gave a shout out to co-star Temple.

“Wawaweewa! Just turned my phone on to find all of this here. Wwwhat?” she said.

“My girl Juno Temple so glad we get to share this with you. Thank you so much for this huuuuuuge honour!

“This is proper grown up shizzle.”

In a separate Instagram story praising the her nominated male colleagues, she said: “Look at our clever, funny, hot as hell AFC Richmond menfolk.

“C’mon the boys! Too bloody right.”

Temple also said she “couldn’t be more honoured” to be nominated alongside other “extraordinary women”.

Responding to Waddingham she said: “Hannah, my sister from another mister…I love you, Congratulations beauties.

In a separate post she added: “Congratulations Team Lasso. Coolest thing ever to get nominated by peers and inspirations. Thank you.”

The winners of the SAG awards will be announced on February 27.