NORTH Shropshire MP Helen Morgan has accused Prime Minister Boris Johnson of 'treating the country as fools' after the latest allegations over a party at Downing Street during the first Covid lockdown.

It emerged late on Monday night that an invitation was emailed out to around 100 people for a party to be held at 10 Downing Street during the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic in May 2020, with staff encouraged to 'bring their own booze'.

The emails were obtained by ITV News and shows that the invite came from one of Mr Johnson's most-trusted staff members.

It puts more pressure on a PM whose scandals contributed to Mrs Morgan's shock by-election victory in December.

And she says further details of the party among staff members, when the rest of the country was being told it was illegal to gather together, is a body blow to those who worked hard on the Covid-19 frontline.

She said: "Enough is enough.

"Boris Johnson must come clean and stop treating the country as fools. He has learnt nothing from losing the North Shropshire by-election.

"People are growing tired of the constant stream of scandal emanating from the heart of this government’.

"It is a kick in the teeth for everyone in Shropshire who has sacrificed so much during the pandemic, from those who weren't able to visit loved ones in hospital to nurses left wearing bin bags as PPE."

The PM is currently awaiting the outcome of an investigation by Sue Gray, a senior civil servant, into whether he attended a party at Downing Street in 2021.