IF YOU enjoy seeing lapwings and curlews then an event coming up in St Martins soon might be for you.

The Three Parishes Community Wildlife Group is asking people to help do something to help stop these birds from disappearing from the local countryside.

And they are offering three dates in which you can take part in a survey to count their numbers.

A spokesperson said: "We need to know how many breeding pairs there are, and where, before we can try and help them.

"We looked for them up until 2019, in an area roughly bounded by Oswestry in the south, the border with Wales to the west and north, and Dudleston Heath and Lower Frankton in the east (the three parishes of Weston Rhyn, St Martin’s and Gobowen, plus an area to the east, towards Ellesmere).

"We found three pairs of curlew, and about 30 pairs of lapwing.

"Our work was disrupted by Covid-19 in the last two years, but we are starting again this coming spring.

"People who have helped previously will be asked to help again, but new helpers will be very welcome, please."

Participants will be asked to take on a survey square of 2x2 kilometres and visit it three times, using lanes and public footpaths. You choose the dates, to suit you, around April 1, May 1 and June 15. Each visit takes less than half a day. It’s easy to do, and participants are provided with simple survey instructions and a map to record sightings on.

The spokesperson added: "If possible, we’d also like you to record kestrel, cuckoo, and other target species, but that’s an optional extra."

A meeting is planned for 7.30pm on Thursday, March 17, at St Martins Village Centre, Overton Road, SY11 3AY, to describe these birds and where they been found previously, explain what’s involved to new participants, and launch the 2022 survey. If it can’t be held, or new helpers can’t attend, they will be briefed by email. There will be a practical (socially-distanced) training session, explaining how to go about the survey, and record what you see, around the end of March, if you feel you need it.

Those who definitely want to help are asked to get in touch before the meeting.

More information can be found on the website https://www.shropscwgs.org.uk/3-parishes-wildlife-group/

For more information about the wildlife group, or the meeting, please ring Polly Smith, chairman, on 01691 239087.

If you want to help with the survey, or would like further information about it, please contact Leo Smith on leo@leosmith.org.uk.