RESIDENTS plagued by a long-standing sewage issue after flooding in Gobowen believe they can finally look to the future after work to upgrade pipes was completed.

The flooding, in Fernhill Lane and West Place, often led to sewage-infused water running down the road, meaning it was a health hazard for passing primary school children and families who stepped in it.

Work to repair and upgrade sewage pipes in the road was eventually completed after Christmas – after further delays because the company contracted by water provider Severn Trent (ST) collapsed – and David Evison, who lives in Fernhill Lane, admitted he and his neighbours feel more confident.

He said: "It should be a happy New Year for the residents in Fernhill Lane and West Place who, after putting up with problems for around 40 years, were greeted with the news the works to redirect the problematic sewer system have finally been completed.

"The contractors left the site on Friday, January 7 after putting the final touches to the work which started early in December last year.

"The issues have been many with callouts outs in West Place and Fernhill Lane suffering from repeated blockages, flooded gardens, highways and footpaths for years before ST finally took responsibility and allocated funding to address the root cause of the problems.

"This entailed replacing an aged inadequate network the problems of which has been added to by increased demand.

"The new network includes chambers with increased capacity and a secondary system should put an end to years of problems."

Mr Evison also thanked the new contractors for their efforts in ensuring the work was completed as efficiently as possible.

"The work was completed by JLS contractors from Gloucester who were awarded the work following the insolvency of the original contractor.

"It has to be said that despite working long hours, in terrible winter conditions at times, many locals in the neighbourhood had no complaints as the contractors went about ensuring they caused as little inconvenience as possible.

"Looking forward, fingers are crossed that finally the issues are behind us."

The sewage water had previously ran the length of the road which people having to clean shoes, buggy wheels and car wheels after each flooding to avoid infection.