This year is the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee year, and ‘The Queen’s Green Canopy’ (the hope that everyone will feel inspired to plant a tree) is one of the projects planned to mark it.

Further indications of the desirability of tree-planting include the obvious effects of the environmental crisis, the loss of trees through storms, and the removal of trees from urban front gardens as residents struggle to find car parking space. On the plus side we have a ‘Green’ town council, not to mention ‘Oswald’s tree’ being one possible derivation of our town’s name.

Oswestrians could respond positively to the situation. Rather than a larger project based on one site outside the town, it would be more inclusive to plant trees on a smaller scale around the town itself. In this way everyone could feel actively involved.

There are many small corners where trees could be planted, especially in residential areas. Near my home, for instance, is a sad-looking roundabout on Harlech Road near the local school and shops, and there is also a rather bleak corner opposite the junction of Aston Way and Middleton Road. I’m sure people will be able to think of similar sites in their own neighbourhoods.

Those unable to help physically, whether children or adults, could help identify such spots and perhaps suggest smallish but robust native tree species which might thrive best in them. Others might feel able to help by means of a donation. The Woodland Trust can provide trees for planting in 2022.

Everyone would benefit from such a project.

Carol Williams