OSWESTRY Film Society will be back with its new season, starting on Tuesday, January 18, with seven great films you never knew you wanted to see.

The film society is back and is assuring people that its Kinokulture venue, in Arthur Street, will still be having an emphasis on sanitising, social distancing and mask wearing where appropriate.

The film society are hoping that both old and new customers who have so far stayed away will be reassured and return for some fantastic films in a safe environment.

Michael Hudson, from the society, said: “We are thrilled to be showing some stunning films in a season with something for everyone.

"We have a slightly belated Valentine’s Day rom-com with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, an acclaimed Danish thriller and an award winning Irish drama about adoption.

"The cinema is the safest feeling venue I’ve been to during lockdown and beyond, and we hope people will be eager to come back and enjoy films on the big screen once again.”

With films screening films on the first and third Tuesday of the month from January onwards, the new season starts with Marie Curie biopic ‘Radioactive’ starring Rosamund Pike.

Also screening later in the season is Steve Coogan satire ‘Greed’, a tribute to the late Christopher Plummer, ‘Beginners’, and the Oscar winning black comedy thriller ‘Promising Young Woman’ with Carey Mulligan.

Tickets are £5-6 and you can find more information about the new season, watch trailers and buy tickets at www.oswestryfilmsociety.com