A STREET sign for an alleyway that links Bailey Street and Cross Street has been included in plans put forward to Shropshire Council.

The plans, as part of Oswestry Historic Alleyways Enhancement Project, were submitted to Shropshire Council on Tuesday, with the intention of naming the alleyways as part of the improvements.

The plan for the link between both streets is for a cast aluminium street sign to be placed on the side elevation of 27 Cross Street while a decorative arch that spans the alley would also attached to 27 as well as number 25.

According to a planning and access statement, the sign will be a cast aluminium alleyway name with white painted background, black raised lettering and green leaf motif.

Meanwhile, the decorative galvanised steel arch would be painted black with gold painted star, set within back circular disc with gold trim to edge.

There will also be galvanised steel drainpipe protectors painted black with small disc motif towards the top.

For more about the application, head to https://pa.shropshire.gov.uk/online-applications and search 21/05997/LBC.