PLANS to install double leafed gates and a decorative panel as part of improving one of Oswestry historic alleyways have been put forward to Shropshire Council.

The proposal, for the alleyway linking Willow Street and Cae Glas Park, near the Boar's Head pub, was submitted on Tuesday by Martin band, from Chester-based Environmental Associates.

Also included are plans to upgrade paving flags, as well as new seating, landscaping, lighting and railings, and the plans come as part of the Oswestry Historic Alleyways Enhancement Project.

According to a design and access statement provided to Shropshire Council, the plans are part of the project to improve four historic alleyways in the town.

It says: "Four historic alleyways were included within the scope of the study work.

"However this application is for proposals to a link between Willow Street and Cae Glas Park, one of two alleyways owned by the Council.

"Half of the route way is bounded by the Weatherspoon and the Boars Head pubs (Grade-II listed), the remaining portion passes between the Cae Glas Park bowling green and a children’s play area.

"A major upgrade is proposed for the passage.

"It will result in a demonstrable change to amenity and would benefit a large number of people, both residents and visitors.

"Some elements are likely to be fabricated off site prior to construction to limit the amount of time that the alley needs to be closed for construction purposes.

"The only element which directly effects the fabric of the Grade-II listed Building is a double leaf gate and decorative metal and acrylic panel above, are fixed to a brick wall on the north western pub façade.

"These two elements replace he existing single leaf steel gate with window panel above.

"The new elements will be fixed in the same location as the existing gate with window panel."

According to the plans, the existing gate off Willow Street replaced with a decorative galvanised steel gate, painted black with gold painted lettering and coloured acrylic inserts.

There will also be re-layed cobble paving adjacent north western façade of Boars Head pub as exist on site to northern edge with an historic interpretation board.

Also, an aluminium, screen printed, to be fixed onto Wetherspoon’s property.

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