A DOG trainer who works in Shropshire has celebrated beating her previous record for the number of puppies coming through her doors.

Froncysyllte-based Karen Boyce is the owner of Beastly Thoughts Professional Dog Service (BTPDS). She has been a Puppy School tutor for over a decade and is the Regional Manager for other Puppy Tutor Schools across North Wales, Shropshire, Cheshire and Lancashire. Karen also owns the Awesome and Rawsome Pets shop in Froncysyllte, which sells food.

Karen won the Animal Star Awards Behaviourist of the Year 2019. BTPDS has a range of services also for older dogs and special dogs with specific problems.

BTPDS welcomed 250 puppies and their owners to her class in 2021. It beats her previous record of 220 puppies for 2020 and 170 puppies in 2019.

The BTPDS classes cover North-East Wales and North Shropshire. Shropshire classes are available in the Weston Rhyn Institute and in Knockin Assembly Rooms.

Karen has a team of 10 instructors and assistants to help her run the weekly classes. They have walks, workshops and webinars as part of the Advanced Puppy Path system.

The classes moved online in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent restrictions implemented. They were subsequently allowed back into the classroom earlier in the year.

Karen said: “2020 was a very stressful time with the vast majority of puppy classes being held via Zoom. It was great to get back in the halls early on in 2021 and to slowly have the regulations relaxed.

“BTPDS has never stopped providing training for puppies, older dogs and problem dogs throughout the whole pandemic and we will endeavour to keep training no matter what. Dogs are a huge part of the local community and having them happy, obedient and under control makes life so much easier.”

BTPDS continues to thrive with Karen welcoming two new instructors, Amie Robbins from Oswestry and Demi Mansell from Gobowen. Both recently completed and passed their Puppy School exams in 2021.

Karen said: “We look forward to 2022 and having more knowledge and experience to offer owners with the inclusion of these two more highly qualified puppy instructors.”

If you’d like to find out more about Karen, visit www.beastlythoughts.co.uk or check out www.facebook.com/beastlythoughts or call direct on 07970 488395.