LLANFYLLIN businesses are adjusting to the new government guidelines enacted in response to rising cases of Covid-19 in mid-Wales.

As new rules in Wales leave some businesses and customers have been left confused over what does and does not fall in accordance with government guidelines.

Since December 26, two-meter social distancing rules, along with mask wearing, table service and contact tracing.

The rules also limit group numbers whilst indoors to no more than six.

The regulations are in place to prevent the spread of the recent Omicron variant.

As businesses around Llanfyllin process the rules, reactions are a mix of wanting to comply with the rules whilst expression confusion as their necessity.

The Old New Inn said: “We don’t have an issue with implementing the restrictions at all, but we can’t help but question what good they’ll do. As business owners we haven’t been told what the benefit of us putting these limits in place is, even this many months in.

“We’re ready to roll all the precautions back out, but it’s binding. Extra staff are needed to cover table services and make sure every surface is cleaned and sanitised. We’re happy to do it, but again what good will it do, what’s their reason and method for asking pubs do put these guidelines in.”

The guidelines effect areas outside of hospitality, with other LLanfyllin businesses re-introducing rules they had lifted earlier in 2021.

A volunteer for Llanfyllin Workhouse said: “We’ve been observing rules since before these latest changes and have remained open to the public.

“We still ask that visitors maintain social distancing rules and continue to wear mask or face coverings while inside the museum. With these rules already in place, the new guidelines shouldn’t have an adverse effect on us.

“We will welcome visitors as long as they adhere to the guidelines we’ve had in place for several months now.”

As Llanfyllin businesses begin 2022, each will have to adjust to the new government rules in order to remain open to the public.