THE owner of a popular Oswestry bar is celebrating after he hit three years of business this week.

Formally known as Bar Incognito, Cross Street-based bar Knock & Snitch has built a reputation for its live music, drinks and food.

Graeme Kirkham, who owns Knock & Snitch, took to social media this week to thank his staff and customers for standing by them and to his fellow businesses for their support.

"Three years – completed it mate," said Graeme.

"I'm so, so grateful for the amazing team I have by my side currently and also the ones who had enough of me and moved on.

"Obviously my family and friends have been awesome along the journey too and a big thanks to Andrew and Sarah from The Sports Lounge for letting us take over their back bar.

"And of course, thank you to our loyal customers who have made this quirky bar the success it is today.

"Looking back how far the bar has come and how much I've developed as a person is absolutely crazy.

"Never listen to anyone who tells you can't do something. You can if you believe in yourself.

"Thank you all – see you over Christmas."

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