AN OSWESTRY-based nationwide charity for dogs has received a festive boost with a donation of £2,410.

Blind Dog Rescue UK, in Cabin Lane, has received the money after hundreds of dogs took part in month-long nationwide virtual fundraising event run by Agria Pet Insurance, the ‘Agria Dog Walk’, walking and donating to one of 10 dog rescues in the UK.

The specialist pet insurer then matched every donation, plus an additional amount for every dog protected with Agria Pet Insurance during the event.

Cath Clark, one of the Trustees at the rescue, said she and her colleagues were delighted to take part in the event and to be given such a vital financial boost.

“Thank you so, so much to Agria and everyone who supported us for the Dog Walk fundraiser," she said.

"We were absolutely blown away by the total raised.

“The funds will be used to help four pups in Moldova we were contacted about.

"They were sadly the victims of fly strike as little puppies and as a result only have one functional eye between the four of them.

"They will require surgery to remove the eye tissue and of course prep and transport to bring them to foster homes in the UK which the dog walk money will fund.”

Blind Dog Rescue UK promotes blind and partially sighted dogs in need of a home, both in the UK and abroad, it was set up in memory of wonderful blind dog Peaches, an ambassador and inspiration.

With more than £21,000, the virtual Agria Dog Walk followed research carried out among Agria's dog rescue partners, that shockingly revealed more than half of dogs handed into rescues are currently younger than two years old.

The rescues surveyed also reported a continuing increase in dogs and puppies coming into their care since the start of the pandemic, resulting in over three-quarters of dog rescues currently almost or totally full.

Vicki Wentworth, managing director at Agria Pet Insurance, said: “We are astounded by the incredible generosity shown by dog owners across the UK, and their dedication to helping dogs less fortunate than their own."

To find out more about Blind Dog Rescue UK, visit: