A WOMAN visiting her parents in Four Crosses from Canada has slammed the silence she received from a government-approved PCR Test provider as she was forced to arrange her own.

Marie Davies returned to see her parents for the first time in two years, because of Covid-19 travel restrictions in Canada and in the UK, staying with her sister in Llandrinio as her mum has health issues.

She pre-booked the relevant PCR test before she flew from covidtravelclinics.com for the trip, on Tuesday, November 30, but says until she took matters into her own hands, she was unable to leave home to see her mum because the test had not arrived.

And Marie added that she does not think she is the first to be let down by the company.

"I moved to Quebec in Canada 22 years ago," she said.

"I ordered a PCR test to be delivered to my sister in Llandrinio, where I would be isolating as she and her husband had just come out of quarantine after contracting Covid, so there was a very minimal chance they would contract anything from me.

"Two days after arriving at my sister’s place, I had still not received the PCR test. I tried to contact the company but the telephone number was a recorded message and no replies came back from my numerous emails.

"The only assistance the government website gave was advising me to deal with the supplier directly – no luck there.

"I ordered another PCR test immediately from a second approved supplier on the UK government website. Three days later, that hadn’t arrived either.

"As an NHS test was not admissible, I drove to Liverpool Airport, had the test and received a negative result 36 hours later.

"How is it that suppliers, approved by the government, can fail to respond? It’s not right to take advantage of travellers like this. Having spent the first six days in self-isolation, I had to extend my trip by a week in order to spend time with my parents.

"But imagine people who are travelling for work or other reasons and are stuck in a hotel awaiting a PCR test to arrive? It doesn’t work.

"There is a link on the government site to complain about suppliers, which I did, but haven’t received a reply."

Covid Travel Clinics has been approached for comment.