CRUEL Christmas scammers are trying to charge for arranging bogus Covid booster jabs for victims in North Wales, it’s been revealed.

The warning came from Wayne Jones, the Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for North Wales, who has himself been targeted with a fake message with a link to “register” for a third vaccination.

The link takes people to a phoney website that appears to look like a genuine NHS site which asks for their banking details.

Mr Jones stressed that the NHS does not charge for such Covid-related services and texts or emails indicating for you to click should not be opened.

The retired police chief superintendent warned that the unscrupulous scammers were aiming to exploit the festive season.

He said: “There are also a lot of unsolicited emails or text messages, particularly purporting to be in relation to parcels that could not be delivered.

“Sometimes they may be legitimate but there are an awful lot of scam emails and text messages going around. If you receive a message about a delivery, always check the delivery company’s official website where you can track any parcels.

“This time of year, the scammers will always be looking for opportunities to make money out of people – particularly asking for charity donations. Scammers have no scruples, no moral compass.

“It’s an awful thing to do at any time of year but it’s particularly mean at Christmas. It’s a time when scammers know people will be spending more money than usual on Christmas presents and making donations to charity.

“I’ve seen the impact that being a victim of fraud can have on people and it can be utterly devastating. It can be really damaging for individuals and for businesses.”

It was a message reinforced by North Wales PCC Andy Dunbobbin, for who tackling online crime is a key priority for the tech savvy Commissioner who is also playing a key role nationally.

He said: “To us the pandemic for a money making scam is the lowest of the low because we all know somebody who has had Covid and tragically some have lost their lives.

“Christmas is supposed to be the season of goodwill but these despicable scammers aim to make it a miserable time for their victims.”