AN INDEPENDENT candidate for the North Shropshire by-election says she will put farmers and local businesses first if she is elected.

Suzie Akers Smith is from Congleton and is currently a member of Cheshire East Council.

She says she is standing to support "neglected" residents across North Shropshire, believing her strong election record as a Conservative and Independent shows she supports her residents.

She said: "I have a successful track record of being elected as a Conservative and four years later as an Independent.

"Why do people vote for me? Because I work hard for my residents, I challenge decisions, I do everything I can to help residents and in turn residents help me.

"If you elected me for the by-election on December 16, you will be electing change and someone who can change things for North Shropshire.

"I will work hard for our farming community in whatever capacity is needed, I will work hard for the retailers to revitalise the high street to bring people into towns.

"I will work hard for you the residents, who have been neglected for years and don't feel part of the political system.

"I will make it personal so residents can contact me to ask for help.

"I am asking you, the residents to vote for change, because if we keep voting the same way, nothing will change.

"Vote Independent next Thursday, vote for me and find out how change brings new ideas and new ways of working.

"Because if we change nothing, nothing will change.

"I look forward to meeting residents from every town, village and hamlet across North Shropshire and I hope you vote for change."