STUDENTS from Llanfyllin have joined with the Severn Rivers Trust to begin a photography project to document the work preparing the River Cain Valley against Climate Change.

The students, studying art, met with Dewi Morris, community engagement project officer for the Trust, to document the work being undertaken such as restoration of hedges and woodlands plus other capital works.

Mr Morris hopes the students' work on Wednesday will encourage Llanfyllin residents to join him to carry out jobs from across the winter.

He said: "This winter members of the community will be invited to join me to help plant a whole load of young trees vital to the area for shelter for its livestock.

"Their roots will help intercept the increasing amounts of winter rains before it gets into the beautiful River Cain.

"All their work will help to slow the flow and make a difference to the Cain’s landscape making it more able to cope with the future changes expected to happen to our climate.”

The work will also cover Cae Bodfach, the town council’s community public open space and a forest garden where visitors can browse and help themselves to seasonal fruits and berries as well as wildlife for their health and well being.

Cae Bodfach also hosts a heritage collection of Montgomeryshire cider and perry pear orchard trees on the banks of the River Cain.

Louise Bass, from the school, was delighted the students had the opportunity to work on documenting how Dewi is working on the local countryside.

She said: "We have worked closely with Dewi and the Severn Rivers Trust on many occasions producing work with our students for their GCSE and A-levels based in environmental awareness and improvement of our small but beautiful bit of the world.

"Students always enjoy his engaging talk and working with artists really helps develop their skills in making connections with artists they have met.

"This helps enormously with their WJEC qualification gaining a chance to capture images and develop them. I am grateful to Dewi for the many opportunities he has provided to our students."