AN ACTING star of the future who went to Moreton Hall school is facing the biggest test of her career so far next week when she performs in the finals of a national talent competition.

Megan Keaveny, 19, attended Arddleen Primary School before her talents carried her to Moreton Hall School, near Oswestry, and last weekend, she won through to the finals of West End Calling and will sing in front of star judges at the Charing Cross Theatre on December 12.

She initially started the competition while still at school, but it was put on hold during the Covid-19 lockdowns but now Megan has the chance to revisit her musical theatre roots and make a name for herself.

"It is a pretty big deal and I'm looking to going down there on December 12," said Megan, who moved to Manchester for university in September 2020 to study drama at the Manchester School of Theatre.

"The destinations for the round have been getting fewer each round and for the semi-finals it was Belfast, Manchester and London.

"There were a few hundred people who entered for the first round.

"For the final, we have a three-minute song from a musical, and we have to give them the sheet music for the piano.

"They will then arrange for a live band on the day which will orchestrate your song for you so that when you arrive on the day,l everything is sorted for you – you rehearse on the day.

"I will be singing Maybe I like It This Way from Wild Party.

"You then sing or song to a panel of West End judges, who are normally leading ladies and men on the West End currently."

Megan says the competition is like reverting back to her past where she enjoyed singing songs from musicals.

She added: "This is a bit of a flip for me as I used to be in musical theatre when I was younger but recently I've gone into straight acting with plays or screen.

"It's not a massive part of my course either but this competition has allowed me to have that string to my bow that I've always loved as a kid and I wouldn't want to give that up.

"I first started singing in Ardleen Primary School and then I went to Moreton Hall school too."