JAPANESE carmaker, Subaru, has unveiled its new battery electric vehicle (BEV) – the Solterra.

In developing Solterra, the brand’s first BEV to be launched globally, Subaru aimed to exceed the various customer expectations for BEVs and make it a practical vehicle so that customers can choose it comfortably and confidently, as the vehicle will be the cornerstone of Subaru’s future BEVs. At the same time, as a Subaru SUV, Subaru aimed to make it a vehicle that existing Subaru customers can feel that it truly is a Subaru.

By filling it with new values that a BEV can offer and the value of “enjoyment and peace of mind” that Subaru have cultivated over many years, Solterra has been built as an authentic SUV in an environmentally friendly package that can be used with peace of mind, like the existing Subaru SUV models.

The seamlessly shaped hexagon grille expresses the energy efficiency of a BEV and the body, with the horizontal axis starting from that hexagon and the dynamic fenders bulging out from the inside, show the strength as an SUV.

Low instrumental panel and top mounted meters, a first for Subaru, located on the instrumental panel and visible above the steering wheel realised the spacious interior.

Utilising the know-how cultivated with the highly recognised Subaru Global Platform, the company has jointly developed the e-Subaru Global Platform together with Toyota as a BEV-dedicated platform.

High capacity battery packs are placed under the floor as it is a BEV, and by utilising that battery as a part of the structure, a low centre of gravity and high body strength and rigidity are realised.

Solterra has adopted a new system that drives the front and rear wheels with separate motors. Taking advantage of the expertise in AWD technology precisely controlling the four wheels that Subaru has accumulated over many years, the agile response of the electric motors and the flexible driving force distribution between front and rear, Solterra fully utilises the grips of the four wheels and offers a driving with confidence and peace of mind.

Like the other Subaru SUV models, Solterra features the X-MODE AWD control system that enhances the sense of security on rough roads. By adding the new Grip Control function, which enables the vehicle to run at a constant speed while stabilising the vehicle even on rough roads, the capability is further enhanced.

The launch of the Solterra will start by the middle of 2022 in the markets including Japan, the United States, Canada, Europe and China.