A former parliamentary candidate in North Shropshire has accused Labour of operating a "kangaroo court" after he was blocked from standing in next month's by-election.

Graeme Currie has represented the party at the last three general elections, but now says he has been blocked from standing after sharing Facebook and Twitter posts supporting both Jeremy Corbyn and Palestine.

He says it has led to him being branded anti-Semitic by the party – which he categorically denies.

In a social media post he accused the party of 'Stalinist' behaviour, adding:

"Under the guise of 'due diligence' they raised spurious concerns regarding a tweet in 2018 of a Palestinian badge and a Facebook post in 2020 where I quoted Jeremy Corbyn calling for calm following the Equalities Commission's report on findings of Institutional anti-Semitism in the Labour Party," he wrote.

"I consider I have been unjustly slurred as anti-Semitic – I abhor this slur and I am devastated and disgusted."

Mr Currie says he 'grossly upset' by the claims and being blocked from standing.

He added: "I have been a member of the Labour Party since 1980, have held various elected positions and previously been the North Shropshire parliamentary candidate for the past three general elections.

"These baseless and unfounded assertions under the guise of due diligence are grossly upsetting to me.

"I consider that the kangaroo court of the NEC shortlisting committee has interfered in local party members choices and ability to fairly select a candidate.

"My support for Corbyn when he was elected Labour Party leader is in my opinion a factor in my removal from the candidates shortlist.

"These Stalinist tactics of the NEC flies in the face of the calls for unity within the Labour Party."

Mr Currie now believes he is an "outsider" in the Labour Party.

"I am now an outsider in my own Party where I have campaigned and fought for many years alongside my fellow party members for a more equal, socially just and non-discriminatory society," he added.

"To feel I cannot be part of this anymore – Labour has a corruption in its soul.

"I feel betrayed and abused by the NEC who have rejected me on spurious and unfair grounds and have prevented local members from a consideration of my suitability.

"I was committed to supporting whoever was selected alongside local members but now I will be unable to campaign for Labour.

"I am not sure I am even a member anymore

"I express my sadness, anger and revulsion at this unfair and undemocratic treatment, I will not be able to campaign now or probably ever again for the Labour Party.

"I am devastated and destroyed by the casual horror of my treatment by this NEC Stasi committee."

The Labour Party has been approached for comment.