Car parking payment machines are to be introduced at Lake Vrnwy as part of an investment in car parks by the water company that runs the site.

Hafren Dyfrdwy, which serves customers in and around Powys and Wrexham, says the £1 million investment will be used to improve the car parking facilities at the popular visitor site.

The project includes plans to extend the main car park at the side of the Dam, resurface nearby roads and install electric vehicle charging points.

But it also says that as part of an effort to reduce the impact on the local community during busy times, customer parking payment points are to be introduced, as well as double yellow lines which will be reduced in size and painted in a darker shade of yellow to ensure they are not visually intrusive.

Hafren Dyfrdwy's own website currently lists parking as being free at its five car parks around Lake Vyrnwy, but has not yet been provided with details about the times the machines will operate, or the charges it is planning to introduce. The company has been approached for comment.

Work was due to begin on Monday and will take approximately four months to complete.

Catherine Webb, from Hafren Dyfrdwy, said the work is to reflect the place Lake Vyrnwy holds in the hearts of those who live near or regularly visit it.

She added: “We’re excited to start work on improving the visitor experience at Lake Vyrnwy this week.

"We know it’s a popular site that means a lot to people, whether they’re part of the community or those who come from further afield.

“That’s why we’re investing £1 million to make these significant improvements, which include plans to extend the main car park and install electric vehicle charging points.

“Visitors and people living nearby will notice increased activity when the work begins.

"We’ll be doing everything we can to minimise the disruption and complete the work as soon as possible.

"We’d like to thank everyone in advance for their patience as we get this major project done.”

To keep Hafren Dyfrdwy engineers and other road users safe, a small number of temporary road closures and some traffic management will be in place at times throughout the project.

The water company confirmed the road closures will be announced closer to implementation.