WELCOME to your weekly edition of the latest from the camera club.

Each week these hardy visual story tellers venture outdoors and brave the elements to share the best of the region.

It is certainly getting colder now and the members are deserving of their praise and acclaim.

For we are now well into November.

Hallowe’en and Bonfire Night have passed and we are all now looking ahead to Christmas.

It is certainly a strange time of year with the nights drawing in ever earlier while people button down the hatches, turn up the dial on their heating and stock up on as many snacks as they can.

Certainly this time of year is one when all our guilty pleasures can be indulged in a little more freely and why not?

Looking ahead to the rest of the year we can only guess what our leaders have in store for us.

Last Christmas was one which came with a health warning and we can only hope we are all free to enjoy the festivities.

Only time will tell.

In the meantime all we can hope for is the continued success of the vaccination roll out and hopefully some of the naysayers joining the fight by getting themselves vaccinated as soon as possible.

For only then will we have a hope of reclaiming the lost freedoms we have all felt so greatly.