DAIRY firm Yeo Valley has launched an initiative to protect the UK’s soil.

Save Our Soil aims to educate the public on its important and how to protect the benefits of healthy, organic soil.

It comes following new research by the company which revealed almost all our food (95 per cent) is directly or indirectly produced on soil, but the majority of us have no idea how nourishing or critical it is when it comes to food production.

Soil a vital component of the ecosystem as it helps things grow, filters and cleans our water, regulates the atmosphere, and is fundamental for healthy food production.

However, according to the UN, a third of the world’s top layer of soil is ‘endangered’ and its contribution to maintaining a healthy environment is undervalued. In fact, when it comes to tackling climate change, reducing food waste and recycling (51 per cent), and limiting plastic use (62 per cent) are deemed more important than protecting soil (39 per cent) and choosing organic produce (20 per cent) according to new research from Yeo Valley.

Despite learning about the benefits and importance of soil, only 34 per cent are willing to dedicate an area in their garden to help preserve soil and just 28 per cent are willing to sign a petition to preserve soil according to the findings. Also, less than a quarter (20 per cent) are willing to switch to organic soil only, even though 60 per cent of us agree that it contains more nutrients and minerals compared to ordinary soil.

As part of the campaign, Dave Goulson, Professor of Biology at the University of Sussex, has said he believes we need to make changes now to protect soil, understand more how much we rely on it and realise the impact it has on nature, our planet, and our health.