WELCOME to another edition of the camera club.

This week we pay tribute to the many virtual storytellers who have taken their time to get out and about their local areas and share images.

Over the last few months we have been fortunate enough to share a broad canvas of pictures - from postcard pictures of beloved landmarks to pictures of time shared with our beloved pets and wildlife.

These pictures are inspired by a desire to capture a moment in time but they serve so much more than an annual reminder on social media.

In fact these pictures are documenting history, a time and a place and what was important enough for people living in 2021 to save for prosperity.

It has been a difficult few years, whether it be because of divisions in a society that is always on the move, because of high prices of food and fuel at a time when people may struggle to protect the pound in their pocket, or because of the pandemic.

Yet people continue to find the time to to seek out and explore their areas and share the gems with those unable to enjoy the same freedom.

The spirit of sharing among members of our camera club is plain for all to see – its members want to share their surroundings with the world.

Whether it’s an RAF cargo plane making a dramatic low bank over the region or a beautiful rose in bloom, our club snappers are always at the ready.