OSWESTRY WI held their first indoor meeting since the beginning of the pandemic this month, to discuss the history of the traditional town crier.

During the pandemic the group has been meeting at various outdoor venues including Cae Glas Park, Whittington Castle and Otely Garden.

Rachel and Darren at the Old Coffee Pot in Church Street made the group welcome with an assortment of delicious cakes.

The speaker was Sue Blower, the Montgomery Town Crier.

Kath Griffiths, club president, said: "It was a great evening, a mix of history and much information about the role of a town crier.

"Sue also spoke of her nursing and caring career.

"It was a wonderful start to our autumn calendar.

"Oswestry WI meet on the second Monday of the month and we will make you very welcome.

"The next meeting is the AGM at the Old Coffee Pot at 7.30pm.

"Find us also on our Facebook page."