A SUPPORT group for people with a stoma in Shropshire has held a successful open day to celebrate the support of a former Oswestry mayor.

The Shropshire Bums on Tums (BOTs) Stoma Support Group held its special day on Thursday, October 7 and heard a special speech from former mayor Councillor John Price, who was joined by Shropshire councillor Joyce Barrow.

Irene Constable, from Shropshire BOTS, admitted she was delighted to see so many people attend and thanked Cllr Price for his support.

"It was another successful Open Day for the BOTs Stoma Support Group," she said.

"Around 150 people attended and the event was opened by Cllr John Price and Shropshire councillor Joyce Barrow.

"Cllr Price had nominated the BOTs as one of the charities he would sponsor in his mayoral year of 2019 and, in his opening speech said he was so impressed with the support the group give, he would continue to sponsor us.

"He also introduced us to Chris Chadd, chief executive of Tanat Valley Coaches, who said that he would also sponsor the group for the next year.

"We are so grateful for both of them for their kind words and their generous offer of sponsorship.

"The 12 companies exhibiting were kept very busy answering questions from the public.

"We would like to thank Rob Stokes who donated sausage rolls for the refreshments; Stan’s Superstore who donated bottled water and crisps; Vermeulen Cafe, Ellesmere for the sandwiches; Tesco Ellesmere for a raffle voucher; Morrisons, Oswestry for a raffle voucher; Co-op Gobowen for a raffle voucher; Colostomy UK for sending out invitations to their local members and BOTs members who also donated raffle vouchers."