WEST Mercia's Police Crime Commissioner (PCC) says he has already started to ensure his force is upholding standards in order to reassure community members following the jailing of Wayne Couzens.

John Campion says he has sought urgent reassurance from West Mercia Police chief constable Pippa Mills, following details of the Sarah Everard murder emerging in recent days.

And he added that he is holding West Mercia Police to account, to ensure there are robust processes in place for individuals to confirm the identity of any officer and that this process is available to the public.

The Commissioner is also seeking reassurance that proactive work is in place to identify inappropriate use of police equipment by West Mercia police officers and staff including staff being comfortable in raising their concerns regarding colleagues through the appropriate channels and that they are encouraged to do so.

He said: “This horrific incident will have understandably affected the trust of the country in policing.

"One individual’s actions should not undo the excellent and committed work that many officers tirelessly do to protect all members of our community both in West Mercia and nationally.

“I know that now more than ever, members of our community especially women and girls need to feel reassured.

"Reassurance needs to be in place to guarantee everyone will be treated appropriately should a police officer speak to them and that they only experience the police in a legitimate manner or when they need assistance.

"They should be confident in the service they are provided with.

“The safety of women and girls continues to be a key priority in my Safer West Mercia Plan and I am committed to ensuring that they not only are safe but feel safe.

"I will ensure they are not only given a voice, but they are being listened to.”