A BOATING and housing charity based in Ellesmere has shown off the work it does to business owners who nominated them for a huge financial grant.

The Lyneal Trust provides holidays for disabled people and their carers as well as people who have limited access and may be vulnerable.

They were visited by Andrew Faulks and Justin Smart, from Stans Superstore of St Martins, who paid a visit to see first hand the work the charity does and how it is using the grant of £5,000 from NISA following their recommendation.

Mr Faulks said they were delighted to see the work being carried, justifying their decision to nominate them.

“We happily recommended Lyneal Trust to receive a grant from our buying organisation NISA as the trust does so much good work for local families and community groups," he said.

"We raise money for local charities and organisations through our customers buying products from the Making a Difference Locally range.

"A proportion of the product price is added to the store’s charitable fund, and this is then donated to good causes in our local area.”

Chris Symes, chair of Lyneal Trust, confirmed the money was used for refurbishment of the holiday cottages which are used for the trips and are designed for people with disabilities.

He added: "The Trust provides canal boat and cottage holidays and canal day trips and this grant will go towards the refurbishment of our cottage accommodation.

"Our boats and cottages are adapted so that people with disabilities and vulnerabilities can enjoy time with their family and friends on the canal or at the wharf.

"It is with the help of companies and individuals that we can ensure our facilities are kept in good condition.”

Part of the Trust's fleet is the Shropshire Lass, which has accommodation for eight people and is specially-adapted for wheelchairs users to access all parts of the boat.

Similarly, there is the Shropshire Maid, which can accommodate six people and has improved wheelchair facilities.

They also have the Shropshire Lady, which was new in 2017 and a specially-built 60-foot narrowboat designed for day trips and can take two wheelchair users.

For more, head to www.lyneal-trust.org.uk