A PAIR of Oswestry Town Council members are set to encourage Shropshire Council to become a White Ribbon accredited authority following powerful work by an domestic abuse survivor in the town.

After seeing the town resident highlight the problems of domestic abuse, councillors Duncan Kerr and Mike Isherwood want to see the unitary authority attain the accreditation.

The pair will suggest the idea to Shropshire Council members at the next full council meeting on Thursday, September 23.

Cllr Kerr wants to see the council follow in the footsteps of many other authorities, including Oswestry Town Council, by becoming a White Ribbon organisation.

He said: “In Shropshire, domestic abuse is a major cause of the escalating number of children being made subject to a Child Protection Plan and is the single biggest reason for Section 42 adult safeguarding enquiries and conclusions.

“West Mercia Police report that it accounts for 17 per cent of reported crimes with a 22 per cent increase year-on-year.

“We are sure that all members of Shropshire Council welcome the Domestic Abuse Act 2021 which provides for a legal definition of domestic abuse and increases the powers and responsibilities of the council to victims and survivors, however to address this problem we need to go much further than mere legal compliance.

“Shropshire needs to follow the many councils who are leading their communities in taking a stand against domestic abuse by becoming White Ribbon accredited organisation.”

The Oswestry resident, who is a domestic abuse survivor and would prefer to remain anonymous, believes it is important for public institutions to take a stand against abuse.

They said: “As a survivor of domestic abuse, I know how difficult it is for victims to seek help and how important it is for public institutions like Shropshire Council to make a stand to say they will not tolerate or condone abuse.

“I hope that the council will heed this call and look forward to further actions to help victims and survivors in the future.”

Information on the accreditation by the White Ribbon campaign can be found online at https://www.whiteribbon.org.uk/organisations