VICTIMS of the Welshpool paedophile and rapist Tom Piggott said they felt "betrayed" by him as he was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Statements were read out in court from one of his three victims, while a second was read out by the mother of another.

The pair spoke at Mold Crown Court during Piggott's sentencing hearing, as he looked on on a video link from HMP Berwyn.

His first victim spoke to the court about the long-term effects being abused by Piggott has had on her.

They said: "I felt me and Tom had something special, he came across as honest and trustworthy and I feel betrayed.

"I gained weight, lacked motivation and ended up starving myself because of this. It put me behind in school work and I felt pressure to claw that back and it impacted my mental health.

"He took advantage of me and I lost respect for him.

"It affects my family which kills me inside."

The mother of another of Piggott's victims also appeared in court to explain to Judge Niclas Parry the impact of the assault on her child.

She said: "He was a swimming coach always around children so I never thought it would happen."

She added: "It has made him insecure and I hope that doesn’t go with him in his life.

"When he told me, he was mad that he allowed it to happen. He thought he had a friend in Tom."