It’s a day that the world will never forget. September 11, 2001.

Nearly 3,000 people lost their lives as terrorists hijacked four planes and attempted to fly them into specific US targets. Three were successful but all four were equally shocking.

It was afternoon in UK when the attacks began and although Oswestry may be thousands of miles away from New York and Washington DC, residents here, as elsewhere around the world, watched on their television sets in horror as the events of that day unfolded.

As the Advertizer reported at the time, locally books of condolence were opened, words of sympathy were offered by dignitaries, and people attempted to understand what would happen next.

The area took part in a worldwide two-minute silence, schools paid their respects, and local firefighters joined an appeal to help their US comrades.

Border Counties Advertizer: The 9/11 MemorialThe 9/11 Memorial

Now, 20 years later we look back at that fateful day as remembered by our readers who this week shared their own memories.

More than 800 of you responded to our Facebook post earlier this year.

Kathryn Kate Shaw said: "At work, I panicked and rang my dad because my sister and her hubby was in America flying back that day. We didn't hear anything for ages because of phones being blocked, finally heard later that night that they were ok. Very scary time.

"I watched and still do watch everything about it. To this day, when I see a plane go behind a house or building that is blocking my view of the plane it sends my mind to those images and makes me go cold."

Catherine Lewis said: "In work at Chirk Hospital we all watched it on the tv in the day room on the news... all speechless horrific to see all thoughts poor people," while Emma Colemere recalled: "In my nan's pub in Weston Rhyn I had come home from school and it was on the TV in the corner of the pub all of the customers were watching it and that night my nan was going on a plane on her holidays I was terrified."

Border Counties Advertizer: The World Trade Centers before 9/11The World Trade Centers before 9/11

Fiona Mary said: "Assessing a child and giving feedback to a Japanese parent. The lady in question got a call during our meeting from NY from her husband to say he had just witnessed a plane crashing into one of the towers. I then watched it live on TV. This was immediately after the first explosion."

And Jamie Barr, who was in America at the time, said: "I was at Universal studios in Orlando, Florida. Once the news broke they shut down all the parks and evacuated us. It was totally surreal and very emotional."

Thank you to everyone who responded to our call.