A retired Llanfyllin farmer who was attacked by a cow before being airlifted to hospital said he feared he might never see his home again.

Experienced farmer Eric Morris, who is 87 years old, said he feared for his life after sustaining serious injuries when he was charged by a cow on his farm.

Now Mr Morris and his wife Pamela say their story is a warning to others about the dangers of farming - and that it only takes a second to make a potentially fatal mistake.

"Even after years of farming experience and with Eric at the age of 87 we still made a mistake," said Pam.

"It happened in the course of a second and I could not believe it."

On behalf of a family member who was away for a few days, the couple had been keeping an eye on a cow who was due to calf when the situation became more urgent.

With the vet on the way, Mr Morris had successfully calved the cow when he suddenly found himself in harm's way.

"The cow had calved and I had the iodine in my hands when she decided she didn't like me and charged. I don't remember too much else," said Mr Morris.

"I remember Pam dragging me away – she could see I was in awful pain. Next thing I could hear a helicopter coming in on the field."

Fortunately Mrs Morris had witnessed the incident and had acted quickly to step in and get herself and her husband to safety.

"I managed to drag him away from the calf, I knew it would really hurt him but I had to do it – luckily I had my phone with me which I don't always carry," she said.

With the pair now trapped behind a gate in the shed with an angry cow between them and the door Mrs Morris was able to call 999 before calling family friend and Llanfyllin councillor Peter Lewis.

Cllr Lewis arrived shortly after to help and the couple were able to get to safety before the paramedics arrived.

"The paramedics asked if I could stand, I told them I thought my legs were alright so I was able to get myself upright so I could get on the trolley," said Eric.

"I just remember taking off from the field and then I could see Pam waving.

"As we were taking off the air ambulance paramedic told me 'It's a pity you can't see out, it's a lovely view!'. I was wondering if I would ever see home again."

Mr Morris was airlifted to Stoke-on-Trent hospital where he underwent two operations to repair his liver and cracked ribs.

At the hospital he was approached by a film crew from Channel 5 TV programme '999 Critical Condition', due to air in December, who filmed his operation and recovery.

Now, with Eric expected to make a full recovery at home, the couple say they hope their story will serve as a warning to others, as Pamela paid tribute to the community in Llanfyllin for their support after the incident.

"I just want to thank our friends and neighbours who have been round and helped. Some people who we have hardly seen over the past 18 months due to the pandemic have brought flowers and well wishes - it's had me in tears at times."