PLANS to create an agricultural storage building are to help an Ellesmere landowner avoid future thefts form his property, according to a report.

The proposal submitted to Shropshire Council would see the building of an agricultural produce and machinery storage structure at Lower House Farm, The Ridge, Ellesmere.

Produced by Olivia Starkey Planning and Development, the design and access statement highlighted the farm's open and isolated nature, and said the building was required to protect machinery already there and to provide a space for other materials.

It added: "The building is also required for the storage of produce and 'future buy' commodities such as fertiliser.

"In terms of cost purchased out of season to store for spring use will save the business money.

"Fertiliser is supposed to be kept in a cool dry place to prevent large block/lumps from forming, which will prevent the fertiliser from being applied to the land.

"To have suitable storage allows the applicant to cut the cost of production and avoid economic pressures on trade and price.

"However, if there is a lack of storage facilities to prevent damage from poor weather and vermin this can affect the sustainability and profit of the business.

"As such this application is to preserve the longevity of operations at the farm and this third generation of farm holding.

"The planning application has been submitted in support of growth in the rural economy, for the construction of a new ancillary agricultural building which will be used for the storage of the produce, machinery and equipment as part of the applicants’ restructuring.

"In addition to produce, the building is required for machinery (as stated above) and workshop equipment storage.

"Like most rural locations, The Ridge is remote, in an isolate open countryside location. The exposed rural location of the site has meant historically they have been subject to theft and intrusion.

"Within the locality there have been instances of quad bike and GPS tracking equipment from tractors being stolen. No matter how the applicants try to protect this site without covered storage and lockable facilities this will not be prevented."

Also in the report is a full breakdown of the barn's size and confirmation of what it would not be used for if permission was granted.

Anyone wishing to view the report can do so at and search 21/04048/AGR.