RECOMMENDATIONS to support the last tennis club in Shropshire its own clubhouse will be brought to a full council meeting in Oswestry on Monday.

Oswestry Team Tennis (OTT), which is based in the park, say they are the only club in the county without a clubhouse and are putting together a proposal to change a store room in Cae Glas Park into a long-term base.

The recommendations will be included as part of an agenda item for Monday's full Oswestry Town Council meeting which is set to be held at The Guildhall with members of the public present as Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.

The item agenda will ask councillors to confirm the minutes of a meeting of the Cae Glas Park Management Group, held on June 17, with Clive Knight presenting to council members about OTT.

According to the minutes, Mr Knight provided a background about the club, highlighting two-thirds of its membership lived in Oswestry, and that OTT had £40,000 towards the project with funding plans in place if planning permission was given.

At the meeting, it was resolved to recommend council support for a conversion into the clubhouse and agree a 22-year agreement with OTT and to put the proposal to the Cae Glas Park Charity.

It was also recommended to initiate a legal process for a tenant and shed access and also to find alternative storage space and that town clerk Arren Roberts will present these recommendations to full council.

Other minutes to be confirmed for the Cae Glas group including approving and declining third party events in the park over the summer.

Culturefest 21 on Saturday, August 7 with conditions including a right to cancel held by the town council, was recommended to be approved by the council but the management group advised declining The Well Outdoor Outreaches on Sunday evenings.

The minutes state the refusal was on the basis that the park should not be used for religion and politics.

An event called Wellness Festival for August 13-15 was agreed with in principle but approval was not given until a detailed plan was submitted after it has been request, and a further decision was delegated to officers.