IT’S TIME for more Bygones, this time to land of the early 1980’s, specifically July 1981.

First of all, we have arguably the most memorable wedding of July, 1981 – at least if you were the friends and family of Tina Mullins and Clive Shendon, who were married at All Saints Church in Gobowen.

Next up we travel to the set of popular game Show ‘Winner Takes it All’ which in 1981 featured a winner from Ellesmere.

It would seem 1981 saw other people getting married too, this time a couple known simply as ‘Charles and Diana’. Were you part of this group of Girl Guides celebrating the marriage of Charles and Diana in 1981?

And finally we have we return once again to Ellesmere, to a bunch of lads from Ellesmere looking quite happy with their catch of the day.