Victims of the Covid-19 pandemic are to be recognised in Oswestry with a tree planted in their memory.

Oswestry Town Council is carrying out some necessary work on trees in the park, and is using the opportunity to re-plant a new tree in memory of those who have lost their lives to the pandemic.

A sycamore tree will be felled in Cae Glas Park this week for safety reasons but a pine tree will be planted in its place.

A spokesman from Oswestry Town Council said: "A small area in the south west of Cae Glas Park will be closed off for the next three days as we fell a sycamore for safety reasons.

"The replacement tree will be a Macedonian Pine and will commemorate those who passed away in the Covid pandemic."

When asked about the choice of tree for the re-planting, the council confirmed it came as a recommendation from Shropshire Council.

They said: "A Macedonian Pine was recommended by the Shropshire Council tree officer as a good addition to the park and a good species in terms of scale and appearance.

"It was on a shortlist and was chosen by the park management group."