WELCOME to your first helping of Bygones this week and it's a look back at the 1990s – specifically, 1996.

One feature of this week's pictures is the appearance of a pre-MP Owen Paterson, a year before he became North Shropshire's representative in Westminster.

Here he is pictured presenting an award to staff at a company called Barbridges.

Meanwhile, we have a milestone moment caught on camera as the internet arrived at Oswestry library.

Some argued that the internet would never take off...

And to finish this week we have two classic 'feature' pictures with a famous name in Oswestry – Furrows -– displaying some great 90s Ford vehicles outside its showroom.

Also, did anyone buy a bike from Stuart Barkley? Have you still got it? let us know at news@bordercountiesadvertizer.co.uk