SHROPSHIRE residents are being asked to look out for and record any sightings or signs of wild mammals they spot in their gardens or local green spaces online.

The call for support has come as part of wildlife charity People’s Trust for Endangered Species’ (PTES) annual Living with Mammals survey.

This year, and for the first time in the survey’s 18-year history, the survey will run all year.

It follows a hugely successful year in 2020, as more people were at home during the lockdowns and were able to take part, something PTES wants to build on in 2021.

A spokesman said: "For the first time, PTES is running its Living with Mammals survey throughout all of 2021, starting this week.

"PTES saw record-breaking numbers of volunteers taking part last year, thanks to more people being at home and having the time to watch wildlife in their gardens and/or nearby green spaces.

The result was a huge increase in the number of mammal sightings, from hazel dormice on birdfeeders to hedgehogs snuffling in gardens after dark.

"Participation sparked a newfound appreciation, love and interest in nature for many, in all corners of the country.

"PTES is keen to build on this positive relationship with nature made during 2020’s lockdowns, which not only benefits the UK’s wildlife, but can also have a positive impact on the mental health and wellbeing of those taking part."

To take part, head to