AN OSWESTRY-BASED medical herbalist has joined the campaign to tackle mental health issues with a few simple tips and natural remedies to help those dealing with stress and anxiety.

Louise Idoux owns the Oswestry Herbarium health food shop in Albion Hill, and with a Masters degree in herbal medicine, she is a member of the Institute of Medical Herbalists.

She has put together the tips and herbal remedies as part of her contribution to Mental Health Awareness Week which this year has focused on nature as its theme.

“We all have to deal with stress and anxiety at some time in our lives and the last year has been a particularly difficult one for so many people," said Louise.

“People have been using herbs for thousands of years to treat many health conditions.

"Scientific studies indicate that certain herbs help to alleviate the symptoms of stress and anxiety and this could be a way forward for those who would prefer to use a natural product."


Louise’s recommended herbal remedies include passiflora from the passionflower plant which is used by Native Americans to help treat anxiety and insomnia, ashwagandha which is widely used for a range of issues including daily stress, rhodiola, also known as Arctic root and golden root and tulsi which is often used to help people feel less anxious.

She added: “Other plants used in relieving anxiety include lime blossom, yarrow, lavender and chamomile.

"But it is really important to get some expert advice before deciding which herbal remedy is the best one for each individual case."

She also reinforces the nature theme of the 2021 Mental Health Awareness Week with some simple steps for dealing with stress and anxiety.

“Anxiety can be an incredibly debilitating condition but there are just a few simple things you can do to help deal with it," said Louise who offers private consultations on stress, anxiety and sleep issues through Oswestry Herbarium.

"It’s amazing how getting outdoors, avoiding caffeine and taking time for yourself can make a difference.”

Louise has also drawn up similar recommendations and herbal remedies for dogs including a regular routine, the use of dog toys and regular walks.

Further information is available at the Oswestry Herbarium website at or by phoning 01691 656934.