THE Green Party's surge in Oswestry to claim 12 of the 18 seats available has been called 'amazing' by its former leader, Natalie Bennett.

The results, declared on Sunday, added to the successes from Saturday as currently town mayor, Councillor Duncan Kerr and chairman of the planning committee Cllr Mike Isherwood elected to Shropshire Council.

Ms Bennett visited the town in 2015, shortly after standing down at the General Election of that year, and was impressed with the work local party officials were doing.

She tweeted: "Just caught up with this amazing result.

"I visited Oswestry in 2015 and saw beginning of advance, but this is #GreenFuture arriving.”

The results in Oswestry were just one of huge national successes for the Greens.

In Bristol, the Greens secured 24 councillors – more than their Brighton stronghold with 20 – and while it still only has one elected MP, in Caroline Lucas, the party is pitching itself as third biggest in England, supplanting the Liberal Democrats.

The party also secured councillors in Northumberland, Stockport, Hastings and Derbyshire for the first time, among others.

Jonathan Bartley, the Green Party’s co-leader, said: “It’s clear that there are no no-go areas for Greens any more.

“We are winning seats in areas that have traditionally been thought of as Labour and Conservative.

"Green politics is on the rise and it is only the Green party that is offering a clear vision of a better future, with thousands of green jobs, warmer homes, safer streets, thriving local economies and stronger communities.”