A STRONG passion for politics is one of the reasons an 18-year-old Weston Rhyn resident has become the country’s youngest parish councillor.

Luke Syrett, who has taken on a role at Weston Rhyn Parish Council, hopes his ideas could help to revitalise parts of his area.

Having recently met with North Shropshire MP Owen Paterson, Cllr Syrett was made aware that he is likely the youngest parish councillor in the country, with the youngest previously being 19 years of age.

Cllr Syrett hopes taking a step into politics at a young age could see new ideas brought to the fore in his village.

He said: “I have got a passion for politics. I am a Conservative member, and I feel as though there are a lot of things I could bring to the area.

“I feel as though it has declined in places – with the loss of things like the youth club. I just thought I could try to make a difference.”

Cllr Syrett is a Conservative Party member, and insists he hopes to focus on helping his area become more community-based.

He believes more could be done to take advantage of the rich history in Weston Rhyn.

His other aims include exploring avenues which could see the return of a youth facility in the village, and potential improvements to playground facilities.

Cllr Syrett believes it is important for young people like himself to have an input on politics at a wide-range of levels.

He explained: “I think it’s very important for young people to have an input on politics – it doesn’t matter whether you’re more left or right wing, it’s important to engage in politics.

“Whether you like politics or not, it is something which affects everybody.”

The parish councillor recently met with Mr Paterson to share some of his views and ideas after taking on the role, and said the MP was impressed with some of his ideas.

Cllr Syrett said: “He just asked me a few questions and he was pleased with some things I had to say.

“I explained to him that I had been in touch with the Young Conservative Association to find out whether there was a group in north Shropshire, and there wasn’t.

“So I have decided I would like to set one up, so from May I will be the chairman of the North Shropshire Young Conservatives Group.”