Last week I looked at some of the latest offerings on Amazon Prime, and we’ll hold steady and start there this week.

Anyone watching recent Liam Neeson films may expect a multitude of casualties, not a small scale lighthearted drama, but Made in Italy bucks that trend Neeson plays an artist, Robert Foster, who has an uneasy relationships with his gallery owning son, Jack.

When Jack suddenly needs money he hits up on the idea of selling an old house the family own in Italy.

Cue a predictable mix of road movie, refurbishment shenanigans and the opportunity for new starts all round.

Jack is played by Neeson’s real life son, Micheál Richardson, and although the film never really needs to exist, the scenery is great, and it may well be the closest we get to Italy for 12 months.

It’s free for Prime members and everyone else should wait until it’s free somewhere else.

Speaking of predictably light hearted dramas in foreign climes, many will remember the wonderful Swedish film A Man Called Ove from 2015, based on a novel by Fredrik Backman.

Another of his novels has been adapted into a film available on iPlayer, the not quite as wonderful but still very enjoyable ‘Britt Marie Was Here’.

New starts feature once more as our heroine, Britt Marie, leaves her husband of many years and takes on the role of youth leader at a small run down leisure centre in Sweden.

Totally unqualified, her stoicism wins the day and helps the centre’s football team, made up of youthful miscreants, win something or other.

Britt Marie Was Here has more of the feel of a well made TV drama than a film, but it’s a pleasant enough way to pass 90 minutes, and any film with a 63 year old woman in the lead role deserves a watch.