There is a famous meme on the internet of Leonardo Di Caprio pointing at something as he recognises it.

It’s almost like it could have been invented for hit BBC drama Line of Duty, which ends its latest run on Sunday, having gripped the nation for seven weeks.

There will be no spoilers here for those running a bit late on catching up, but Sunday’s finale promises to resolve a number of issues now that AC-12 is literally, and figuratively, running out of time.

Creator Jed Mercurio has ramped up the action scenes this series; the stand-off over the movement of one character especially so as DCI Steve Arnott – whose pain, both mental and physical, has been superbly performed by Martin Compston – remembered his armed response days.

Vicky McClure’s Kate – no longer AC-12 – is as determined as ever while the world appears – only appears, mind you – to be falling in around Superintendent Ted Hastings (Adrian Dunbar).

Who to trust? The feeling for a long time is that for Line of Duty to work, the three main stars must be infallible and the straight line in opposition to bent coppers.

But with Kelly McDonald’s superb Jo Davidson in the mix, the jury is still out on who the fourth man – or woman – could be?

Will we be sucking diesel on Sunday?