AN UPHOLSTERER based in Oswestry has spoken with pride of his two latest creations ­– turning uniforms into bespoke chairs as presents.

Paul Day, 61 and who works from his Salop Road base, took on the commissions from Scotland and Wales to help with his post-Covid-19 workload.

He explained the background to the commissions and added that he is usually too busy to take on some intricate commissions.

"People have been reluctant to let their furniture go out, for obvious reasons and you can understand that, when it comes to letting others in [to their homes]," said Paul.

"We've had bits of work – we've had enough to pay the rent, but these two commissions we don't normally do as we don't have the time to do them but we took them on.

"One was for a naval fire officer which is going to be presented to him on his retirement somewhere in North or Mid Wales.

"His wife's had it done for him and he doesn't know about it yet.

"The other one, I call it the Argyle Chair because it's going to a hotel in Argyle; it's a chap who used to be in the Black Watch, which is a Scottish Regiment, and his wife just threw some ideas at me about what I can do.

"I sent her some pictures – he's got this for his 75th birthday but it's going into a hotel.

"They wanted it as a feature for reception as well as a present and I think it's come out well."


A master craftsman and one of the last remaining in Oswestry, Paul took to the task with his usual precision, and explained the process behind making the chairs.

"The Argyle chair – or the Clan chair as a I call it – I made it all," he added.

"The other chair, for the fireman, is a standard winged chair and I prefer that if i was going to do this, I would prefer them to use this because it just looks right.

"The Clan chair took me about a week and the materials for it are quite expensive as you've got to buy everything that goes with it such as the jacket and the sporran.

"With the uniform, we sourced the tailor who made the uniform, which is based down in Hampshire, and we had to contact them there to send the fabric up.

"It's not a five-minute job but I am really proud of the work I've done – I love it. I'm an upholsterer and I love making furniture."