BUYING a home is undoubtedly an exciting time, but can often be equally as stressful when it comes to counting out your pennies.

Luckily for Shropshire residents, according to figures released in February 2021, the cost of a home in the region stands at £233,947 – less than the national average across England which was £250,341.

Anyone looking for a home in the capital however will need more money at their disposal, with London’s house prices still vastly higher than most other parts of the UK.

We took a look at how the housing market in Oswestry, and surrounding areas, compare to that in London, with the use of figures provided by Zoopla.

Average prices paid for houses in the last 12 months?

Roughly in line with the average price for a home Shropshire-wide, a house in Oswestry will set you back £231,072 on average, according to purchases made in the past 12 months.

This pales in comparison to a staggering £709,100 in London.

Prices elsewhere in north Shropshire and over the border for the past 12 months are listed below:

  • Knockin, £390,832
  • Ruyton-XI-Towns, £292,786
  • Llanfyllin, £284,471
  • Whittington, £235,456
  • Ellesmere, £232,273
  • Llanymynech, £222,928
  • Glyn Ceiriog, £181,431
  • Gobowen, £173,414
  • Chirk, £169,736

Average value of houses over the last 12 months?

Zoopla estimates that the average value of a house in Oswestry during the last 12 months is £239,065.

The website states this means an average value change of £31,056.

The estimate for a London home was £678,273, which means an average value change of £61,498.

Estimates for average house values in north Shropshire and border town areas near Oswestry are as follows:

  • Knockin, £425,292 (up by £53,618)
  • Ruyton-XI-Towns, £301,354 (up by £31,890)
  • Llanfyllin, £239,065 (up by £29,470)
  • Whittington, £246,546 (up by £31,087)
  • Ellesmere, £273,978 (up by £31,621)
  • Llanymynech, £260,199 (up by £32,076)
  • Glyn Ceiriog, £179,214 (up by £20,587)
  • Gobowen, £197,276 (up by £24,874)
  • Chirk, £165,000 (up by £11,808)

How many houses were sold in the past 12 months?

More than one house a day was sold in Oswestry during the past 12 months, with a total of 376 being purchased.

That compares to more than 30,000 in London.

According to Zoopla, just six houses were sold in Knockin in the past 12 months, while 84 were bought in Ellesmere.

Chirk saw 28 houses sold, while in Glyn Ceiriog, just eight were purchased.

Elsewhere, the number of houses sold according to Zoopla were:

  • Llanfyllin, 17
  • Llanymynech, 43
  • Gobowen, 28
  • Whittington, 24
  • Ruyton-XI-Towns, 7

Most expensive areas?

The highest average prices paid for a house in Oswestry were in two areas of West Felton, with sales averaging £990,000 and £850,000.

The average value of the properties in these areas were around £600,000, according to Zoopla estimates.

In Selattyn, average prices paid averaged out at £710,000, for homes with an average value of £505,000.

Compare that to London, where the average price of a home in Richmond was £1,065,072, for homes with an average estimated value of £1,132,887.

The average price paid for a home in Keston was also upwards of £1,000,000.